My 3 yo boxer/lab mix, Scarlet, and I worked with Mehak from the end of December 2021 through June 2022.  Prior to working with Mehak, Scarlet and I did work with another animal behaviorist for reactivity towards other dogs and leash manners (May-August 2021).  I specifically requested this professional see Scarlet in her own environment.  I was assured that, with her 30 years of experience, she didn’t need to come to us.  After spending $1300 on an assessment and 4 sessions, getting nowhere with leash manners, I was connected with Mehak. Mehak quickly analyzed all the information I had given her about Scarlet’s reactivity with other dogs and her leash walking skills and quickly came back with a plan.  Mehak spent 10 sessions working with us in OUR neighborhood- this was important to me since this is where Scarlet has the most interactions and I wanted to learn how to manage these behaviors in our environment.  Mehak was excited to see Scarlet each time and I can tell she really loves the dogs she works with (and their owners too!). Scarlet was beside herself with affection for Mehak (and yes, treats are always welcomed in Scarlet’s world!).  I learned many strategies to work with Scarlet on my own.  We can now walk in the neighborhood, happily, for the most part.  I say “most part” because Scarlet still struggles with some other doggy issues that need addressing and we are working with specific trainers for those issues.  With Mehak’s tutelage, we are slowly but surely continuing to make progress on Scarlet’s leash needs.  I would not hesitate to contact Mehak for any dog related training concern, she is truly fabulous.  You and your dog will be happy working with Mehak and you will see improvement with your skills as a dog handler after just one session with Mehak.  She is always positive and always takes a positive, encouraging training approach- with dogs and humans.  She is 5-star, top notch!
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